About AlignU



The aim of AlignU is to address the root cause of societal ills that factors in everything that humanity has learned up to this point. The communication and access to informatiom capabilities provided by technology have made it possible and starting now just make sense. It is also very practical. The way to address the problems at the root simply involves individuals (you), learning how to optimally feel in control of their own life and face adversity without it leading to resentment. A clear win-win. 

The AlignU perspective is one of striving for increasingly accurate conceptualizations of the human condition. We are living through a changing of the ages. In this age, ideological beliefs in which individuals look externally for answers is no longer functional. It is a time of individual expression and change. Looking outside for group based beliefs will only hold you back and cause problems for us all.

The beliefs of the 20th century did not account for fundamental aspects of human psychology, biology, or historical knowledge. We now know better. There are no answers to be found by looking deeper into the brain and physical matter. It is through reincorporating past knowledge with modern science that we can create a new paradigm in which the now disjoint domains of information can be unified that we find solutions.

Becoming an expert in the vast ocean of information that make these domains is not possible. Achtypes are what provide a solution to that problem by providing a conceptual frame of reference. The term, originally coined by Carl Jung, describes an underlying organizational structure that the human experience maps onto and emerges from. It appears to predates human consciousness. As such, it is unchanging throughout time and is shared by people of all cultures and from all eras. Functionally, means there is a plot to a story you must play out if you desire to reach your full potential. The Hero’s Journey describes this plot. What else would do besides try to be s hero of your very own story? 

The implications of this are unknown. It is consistent with both scientific and spiritual knowledge. You are free to believe what you wish. The AlignU philosophy does not make determinations of truth based on ambiguous labels. Information is judged on its merits alone. If an archetypal concept that is consistent with what we know with the human experience does not have known biological substrate, it is not evidence of its non-existence. That false assumption is typical.

Cyclical and patterned experience of the individual similarly occur at the societal level. The societal level journey is reflected by periods of prosperity leading to a point at which the society level ego evolve to something improved in order to support a foundation for something better. It would be assumed that peaceful globalization would be a development that would signify a point where “character development” would be needed. Knowing that history shows us that great civilizations have always collapsed, the aim of AlignU to address to facilitate cultural evolution in a practical way is ever more important. 

Using the unadulterated truth of that which is unchanging, an approach to the problem consistent with all the evidence is tenable.  The archetypes can be used as a map for connecting a wide variety of subject domains in a way allows for a potential for your individual growth that simply is not impossible otherwise. You cannot gain control over the creation of your life and personal satisfaction if the interpretation your life experiences excessively goes against that which they mean from an archetypal sense. From that perspective, fears contain truth that you need. Set backs and challenges are normal. 

Plenty of people have a great mindset. The difficulty is with articulating it in a way that is consistent with established scientific knowledge and human history. There is typically gaps in knowledge that can be left out despite being of critical importance can filled. It is also difficult to internalize without knowing the core underlying themes. When themes are overlayed with established knowledge, the end result is a philosophy that brings together that of the East and West. That naturally arises due to the fact the concept counter forces forming a complete whole is itself archetypal. It is reasonable to presume that the ideal future of globalization would be based on culture the reflects a combination of East and West. That is an example of archetypes are used to help bring direction and validation when conceptualizing the human experience.

Basics of approach

The most practical approach to addressing societal ills through empowerment of the individual with the knowledge required to feel in control of their life. Don’t worry. Being a evil person does not fit on the archetype map. Confronting and defeating evil does however. Such an idea is consistent with the fact that becoming fearless by facing challenges in head on is what allows being more loving. That point is why this approach is central to this why this approach is best. Becoming resentful and feeling hopeless i in response to life’s challenges is what leads to the irrationality in politics and elsewhere. A defensive mindset automatically increases bias and reduces the capability accommodate new information. 

Fundamentally, this boils to truth and reason. That is what we need and it starts the individual. If we can put human experience in perspective, we able to address our problems without fear of any truth. This perspective includes that fact all humans share the experience of suffering. We can’t let it cause the resentment that leads to dangerous conflict. The solution to this is finding a purpose and orienting your life towards achieving that which is meaningful to you. Many believe this to be important. What we don’t know is how important, why it is important, and how to go about it in practical manners. 

If you have never thought about integrating a purpose into your life, it is very hard. Youth today are often in the situation of having little to now knowledge about ideas like meaning and purpose. It is absent from our discussions on well-being even though it is arguably the most important factor that you actual have control over. 

It is so important for society because it is what allows you to not become resent and face challenges in stride. It makes you fearless because there is no truth to hide from when the reason for your life extends beyond such concerns. The logic and reasoning behind that perspective can be found on the site.  Information on how to go about practical incorporation of that knowledge into life pursuits is what AlignU is about. It is about aligning your thoughts and actions with your interests, desire to live a meaningful life, and a reason for living. That reason is your purpose. The connection with it develops over time. We are not naturally good with long term perspectives. That is one of the critical, yet neglected components to living life optimally.

There are mental and emotional hurdles associated with living such a life that are also must addressed. This includes the intimidation factor and adjustment having long term goals. With having aspirations far beyond current abilities, it is hard to conceptualize how thegradual progress will play out. You must realize every human accomplishment started with one step. You don’t need to know all the steps along the way. You only need to keep taking the next one. The ego focuses on getting what it can right now. A purpose makes you more patient. The process involves reorienting to goals with deeper meaning. Doing that means stability and peace. 

What is this deep meaning? It is interests you have had since a child expressing themselves in a way that is unique to you. If you then also aim to leave a positive impact on the world after you die, you develop into someone who is not dependent upon others for their own life. Then you are fee to create the life you want. Your psyche become in balance when your itch of curiosity is being scratched, your skills are utilized to help others, and are patient enough to accomplish  goals that will have an impact that extends beyond your life.

Just chill out and be confident in knowing you can’t do anything more than take one step at a time. Sound good? The whole journey is not known. Especially when are starting out. Does it make sense to assume that the first thing you try will the “the one?” No. You keep trying things until you have developed to the point of being to ready for it. By reading this you have proven you can take a step. Keep going!

What you will find

1. A growing source of scientifically validated resources on learning how to set goals that are good for you and society

2. Guidance on process of discovering deeper meaning in life so that you are resilient in face of challenges. This puts that which would normally feel bad in perspective and makes you a more enjoyable person to be around

3. Practical considerations in how to actually go living a life with purpose. Such as information how to start building a network by volunteering

4. The science and logic behind it all. Unlike other life achievement resources, it is consistent with and factors in both Eastern and Western philosophy using archetypes

5. Links to validated resources. There is a lot of information out there that give false since of confidence in the advice. They typically address symptoms by providing temporary or incomplete knowledge.