Reasoning away ego.



The heightened consciousness an Aquarian requires breaking down the more restricted state of consciousness associated with the previous era.  By understanding the nature of your beliefs, you can rationally understand why you should not be overly invested into your beliefs.  You are appeasing your rational mind with a logical argument as to why it should be accepting of new information and making your transformation more effective. Much of what you currently believe is likely still true. The issue is that it is only partially true and our egos make you feel as if it is the whole truth in order to maintain its current state. Our goal is to transform your ego by allowing in new information in and combining it with what you already know. By trying to understand these true scientific explanations of beliefs, you will penetrate the shield protecting your own.

spectrum of belief.PNG

A Framework for understanding 'belief'

Putting belief in perspective for the purpose of change.

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Beliefs, Goals, and Attention. Seeing beyond

The fluff changes everything...


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Basis of Group Conflict

How understanding how conflict develops from a naive conceptions of reality can provide hope for peace. 

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Interpreting Other's Beliefs

Facts are meaningless without context. Stand alone "facts" cause wars. Example with terrorism.

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