5 Things You Can Do Today To Start Making a Career Out of Your Interests

1) Growing Your Network

a) Update or create your LinkedIn profile. Tips for making a great profile

b) Use the search option to find people who have something in common with you personally or with what you want to do in the future. They could have attented a common school, live in the same city and work in an industry you are considering, work for a company you like, or any share any number of other personal interests. Using LinkedIn Searches

c) Create a message that you can copy and paste into the “note” section that goes with your invitation to connect. You should also be able to customize this message to the individual. If the invitation is for someone who may be in a good position to help you out, then you will want to customize the message and show them your genuine interests in what they do. Template notes to go with invitations to connect

d) While the general advice is to not spam people with invitations, I personally don't see the harm in trying to connect with people who have some authentic commonality. A message to send to such people might be  "Hello, I see you also attended (your University) and live in (this place). Just wanted to connect. Have a great day!."


Having people to turn to is important no matter what you do in life. This is one of many ways to begin making a conscious effort to grow your network. You will need to build specific relationships over a series of interactions, but this is a good first step. You do not know who could help you in the future and these initial connections will make building those important relationships much easier in the future.

2)    Join a local club, charity, or organization

a)This is a great way to get in the habit of taking ACTION. There many other reasons why joining a group is good idea.

b) Things to consider when choosing what to join: Is it related to your interests? Do you have the ability to utilize your skills? Could the people you will be working with help you find a job or provide connections to other people who could help? Ultimately, following your passion is done when your skills/interests our being used to help society in a way you're uniquely capable. This helps get in that mindset.  Tips for choosing organization to join  

c) Be valuable!! You won’t be getting paid, but you want people notice the benefit you provide to the group. You want people to like you and respect your work.

3)  Resolve an interpersonal conflict

a) Holding on to resentment is mentally and emotionally draining. Ruminating on issues you have with people is something that people don't realize the extent to which it can hold you back. It can be uncomfortable for yourself and the other person to bring up what is bothering you, but you feel better afterwards (most of the time!) It is important to do because it is difficult to focus on what you need to do in order to make progress when your mind keeps drifting to issues with people that could be resolved. Resolve one today! Tips for resolving an interpersonal conflict

4)  Reduce distractions

a) What can you do to eliminate those nagging thoughts that keep popping up in your head. This could be putting bills on auto-pay, deal with unopened mail at a set time and day, organize/clean your room, and taking care of menial tasks at a set time. Like the previous interpersonal issues, they are distracting and take away from your energy. Tips for reducing distractions

5)  Identify what is holding you back.

a) Pick a goal and then write down three things you should stop doing in order to reach it. We all have a lot things we should probably not do. A lot of them we are not even aware. It can be hard to stop doing them unless you understanding why. When you decide on a goal and then think about how to best reach it, things you do that will make it harder to reach it will come to mind. Pick something and then write down three of those things. This a better way to break bad habits than simply trying to stop. Identify a goal, figure out what that will require, and write down what you do now that could interfere with doing what it will require. You will start systematically eliminating bad habits as you progress. More info on this idea.


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