This semester has been one most significant period growth. The reason that initially signed up for the course was due to my desire begin creating educational content that could help young individuals pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty. The perspective I had on the course was coming from a different place than my classmates. It was not a required course and outside of passing, the grade was not of great concern. The concern was learning useful information to apply in the real world and also get initial exposure into the world of education. That was accomplished and I am glad I took the course.

            During this semester, I gradually began to understand where my skills and interests can intersect in a way that brings personal satidfaction from my work and value to the community. The issue of developing minds that are prepared for the real world involves dynamic interactions. From government, individual psychology, group psychology, biology, history, and foresight of where everything is headed. Since as long as I can remember I have always to understand the essence of life itself and this has given myself a broad knowledge base that has given insight to turn knowledge into practice. This is similar to the transition from Habits of Mind (HOM) to Making Thinking Visible (MTV). HOM represents the ideas/knowledge base and MTV represents the creation of visible real world impacts from that knowledge base. As for the levels questioning, there was a similar correlation. Knowledge base is akin to Level 1/2 questions, and the knowledge application is similar to that of Level 3 questioning. The concept of Questioning Levels as a tool to advance understanding is truly brilliant and not something I was aware. Focusing on creating a good questions that you then you then try to answer instead of just the solution is such a great way for seeing better solutions by seeing the subject matter from a different angle. Will definitely use and promote that concept going forward..

In general terms, my story of learning in this class was one that occurred along with translating the knowledge I have gained my incontrollable desire to understand the essence of life into practical applications. The start of the semester began with the desire to help create a better world by helping students grow up to be responsible adults. By the end, I had practical idea for the facilitating more positive life transition that occur between adolescence and adulthood. This is critical period in the lives of everyone and there is no good reliable resources. It is even more difficult for individuals without roles models who successfully made their own life transitions. The aim is thus to create material that promotes an inner desire to pursue one’s greatest potential and then a process to follow. The logic behind the material is taken from many domains. These include knowledge from cognitive neuroscience and also classic human narratives to capture aspects (such as emotional motivations) that science has is less able or effective at communicating. At the core of this lies goal directed behavior and its role at the most fundamental levels. This has approach been evolving throughout and helped shaped by the course. There is so much information I have been learning this whole time and different pieces of writing that it is difficult to define any one-to-one correspondence between the class and what I have I have started making. Undoubtedly however, it is very apparent that the same concepts are embedded within the material. It does have the same end goal of preparing students to be productive and enjoyable members of society. The books and class subject matter will be of great value going.


The voice of the material is one that speaks to the reader. As can be seen in the introduction material, this meant emotionally grip the individual, so that they take serious the value of their life. Striving to be the best version of oneself has a dramatically more positive impact than if they do not. From there, there is short story I wrote that captures what to expect as one progresses towards their goals in life. This story psychologically accurate narrative that is based the core narrative to all classic stories, “The Hero’s Journey.” Next, there is the science behind the process. This is still in a nascent form due the goal required to make it cited by journal articles. Then it goes into the initial steps involved this life-long journey of bringing positive value to society.  The first steps involved in beginning to understand how what to consider when setting goals. Considerations include goals that help create true satisfaction, get the best out someone, difference between long and short term goals, how goals can be integrated under singular life purpose, when to adjust goals, and many other issues that will arise when setting goals. These steps involve starting small and focusing on getting one’s life in control as it currently exists. These things like cleaning your room, organizing your closest, and getting an oil change if you need one. The goal here to get a firm base from which to grow by taking care that what you can handle are essential for progression. This also creates more free time and clear head space for contemplating and then taking action on things that help build a foundation that can support realizing goals to work towards. Learning about what to pursue is a difficult for nearly all young adults. Addressing is done with promoting involvement in volunteer work in areas that are personally interesting and meaningful. This allows for freedom trying things out without needing it for an income, networking with people who can help currently or in the future, implementing your own ideas, and gaining knowledge from more experienced people. And central to all of this is taking action. Problems often lie with being to passive. There are additional sections that are scheduling and planning focused. This is from 5+ years down to the current week.

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