Diagnosing Cycles of Collapse

A cure requires a correct diagnoses


    Personal and societal problems are typically cyclical.  Something happens that is very distressful and unexpected. While bad, you think you have learned your lessonand move on. Then it happens again. You convince yourself that this problem was unique from that other problem because of few things that may have been different. In these situations, there is usually something about the truth that we do not want to face. The truth may require a change that feels to be too much. Thus, we don't learn from history.

    At a global level, we have the potential to be smarter. That can't happen until we understand how this works in our own lives. As they say, you cannot remove the splinter from other's eyes when you have one in your own. That is what that idea is referring. The stakes are much to high to hide from truth because we don't have the confidence to be able to handle it. At the macro level we must be more reasonable as a global society. That starts by understanding how to do that in our own lives. Perhaps before, the insights on the biological and psychological roots of humanity was not clear enough to understand how to even approach issues that seem to be a fact of existence. Problems manifest different as the technology moves along, but motivations and desires remain stable. What are those? Understanding those creates a more accurate perspective on reality can emerge. If not, history suggests disastrous societal collapses are a very real threat.

   It may seem little forward to start talking about collapses that would be a real life nightmare.e. However, that is exactly how to best solve such a complex issue. Avoiding something on the basis of it being uncomfortable is precisely how the mind perpetuates cyclical problems. The "it can't happen" mindset the results from not being able to acknowledge where you need to get better.  If a marriage is drifting towards a breakup that both people can sense, is it better to not talk about the truth of what is causing it makes you uncomfortable? That only freezes personal growth of each person in place until something happens that makes it really fall apart. Complex interactions between people take maintenance and consideration inherent desires for motivation and growth. Humans cannot help but grow or risk having stagnation caused collapse. Stagnant beliefs do not work in world of constant change. 

    Evolution of other animals remains more stable, but humans keep pushing to bigger and more complex societies. There are many reasons for this. For one, it is a function of our unique ability for abstract thought. Once you can imagine something better, it has hard to remain content without the striving toward it.  An issue with this is that ability to progress is constrained by certain beliefs. In other words, what is possible for you is determined by your ideas about the world. Reaching past that requires learning new ideas by learning more  refined truths. As a society, we cannot grow in sustainable way if truth is not a topic we treat as important. There are limits to what are current beliefs will allow. That leads to stagnation and then collapse. Currently, the world is becoming interconnected economically and socially. What happens after that? How do we move from the normal contentious interactions between ideologies and into somethings with better cooperation?  

    Instead of being fearful, we need to be diagnosing this problem as accurately as possible and then treating it seriously. The problems a generalize inability to recognize what is reasonable truth and what is not. The reason for this is that we are controlled by fear in our own lives. Fears in todays society is nothing, but a mechanism that shields one from learning deeper truth.  A fear is something you do not understand how to deal with. That's all. Is that scary? Yes. It is still scary because your biology makes that way. However, it is not logical because that truth will actually help you in the long run. Taking fear as a reason to not pay it attention to something makes it evolve and grow in the shadows. If you shine your truth seeking light of attention upon it with the insight that it will help you, then you can see the fears weakness instead catching you at the worst possible time. We all often complain about politics, global warming, and religion in order to take our minds of dealing with what we can handle right in front of us. That's where start. Removing the splinter from your own eye. Then you can move on to seeing the the truth behind the fears in society. 

    The rising and falling of civilization has always happened. There is a general spiral up in long run, but there has been step backwards that take some decades or centuries (millennia?) to recover. Acknowledging this helps with seeing the truth behind the fact the the issues faced by societies that have come on gone are shared by us. Doing that points to the fact that we are all the problem. The first step is always admitting. Once you admit, you become part of the solution! That's it! You are on your way to being a part of the solution. Do believe truth is important to solving issues? Then you can believe what AlignU is about because that sums it up. The way to get at truth by finding purpose and meaning in life may be different, but that's because it is true and we wouldn't still be in the cycle collapse if we knew a better truth.

    I'm no expert at economics, religious strife, and food production dangers. I'm a brain scientist who understands having more accurate assumptions about the relevant truth about reality are need to better control over outcomes. We don't have enough control in our own lives and definitely not  collectively as a society. Fundamentally, the core of our problems result from a breakdown in reasonable interactions among groups. Misunderstandings about how we think and perceive prevents solving that problem. But does that mean you teach reasoning skills to improve it. That is also symptom of a deeper problem. Reasoning skills are needed, but treating that only makes people more intelligently able support false beliefs systems. There are an infinite amount facts that can be used to support something and make it seem reasonable to mind not trained in clear perception of the truth. Without reducing fear/avoidance by empowering the individual to feel in control of their life, they we will never be able to understand how to use truth and reason when solving complex societal problems. The solutions can be found. They just won't be when are avoiding ideas of others and using weak baseless logic due to projecting personal beliefs that are shaped by fear upon our interactions that are meant to solve them. The crazy unreasonableness you see on the news is only able to take place because collectively we are not reasonable enough to get on the same page in rejecting it. It exists in an environment where multiple ideologies are partially correct and partially incorrect. Thus, they sustain each other due to both having equal claims to truth and accompanying support. If people were on the same page with recognizing that Trump does not when and Hillary is not ruining against him. Beyond the scope of this currently, but a third party explicitly based on promoting truth and reasonableness seems like a great idea. Only when helping individuals gain a sense of a personal responsibility for positively contributing member of society with mindset that can do that despite the challenges that are faced can we begin to understand how to make the next step our evolution. Who know's when that will happen, but avoiding a collapse would be nice. At a minimum, it will make your life significantly more rewarding. This site is an elaboration on the reason for that and provides a base of empowering practical knowledge on how the brain interprets the environment.

How we got here

    A uniquely sophisticated ability to hold mental representations within awareness took place within the minds of a species about 1.8 million years ago. This improved their fitness and became an established trait. It continued to evolve and became increasingly integrated within other brain functions. The result from this was a mind with capabilities so incredible that they are simply unfathomable to anything that had ever existed. Due to some unclear interaction between DNA and the environmental context, the ability to hold and manipulate information in awareness was able to go through a long period of continued evolution. While this created a species that was able to leave the planet, it did not rid them of physiological and psychological needs. The needs that manifest within our psychology and drive us to great accomplishments are also what drive us to hate. Dangerous conflicts like the ones happening in the United States and all over the world just are one result of our evolutionary drives. Defining the problem in this point towards approaches in dealing with them that are more consistent with reality. 

     The capacity to be violent is an important factor for why we exist in our current form. All human characteristics that we have are there for a reason. Traits do not propagate if at not one time they served a purpose for survival. Traits that result in less reproductive success and longevity are not selected. This means that contempt and violence, while we know are dangerous when directed at opposing groups, are best understood from a perspective that acknowledges that they once were beneficial fitness of our species. It is not a comfortable to accept that the violence associated with hate of people outside your group is woven into your physical body and psychology.  But, we need to understand the truth above all else if we want resolved issues of conflict and come up with better solutions to societal ills such the cycle of poverty. Biological tendencies towards conflict that are not acknowledge is actually what allows them to be expressed more so. The basic idea is that if you don't understand the truth of what is causing a problem, hundred of millions of years of evolution are going make it happen when the situation in which it typically occurs arises. Is it better to ignore something and blame on the wrong cause because it makes us feel better, or accept the truth no matter where it leads and address it accordingly. Without that were are unwittingly being guided along towards destructive conflict.

     Our inability to come to reasonable solutions in which we do what is best for all over time, has led to disaster throughout history. Over and over again. This goes beyond the obvious. It includes headline grabbing misrepresentation of events and the entraining of the mind to over simplify problems because that allows for feeling "right." All of the leads to the climatic violence, but the wars themselves cannot be cured in a way that improves psychological well-being for all without address the roots of the problems. Violence was naturally selected for because it allowed for survival at the expense of other groups when resources were limited. Today it results from ideas alone in societies where everyone is fed and sheltered. It is a psychological problem in way that was less the case. Violence may be more a last resort than before, but the stakes are much to high to take this lightly. 

    Modern science and the Industrial Revolution have eliminated any reasonable concern over limited resources. The 20th century began with a population of 1.6 billion and ended with 6 billion thanks to this. The evolutionary reason of violence should be gone, but violence continues. We must forget what we want to believe when solving these problems. Left vs Right debates clearly do not do this. What we have found is that our incredible minds have correspondingly incredible needs that extend beyond physiological. Meaning. Purpose. Self-actualization. It is no perceived obstacles to those that serve as impetus for violence. Not understanding the truth in that will result in continues cycles of rise and fall. We are being driven towards horrible ideological conflict by this once again and it will occur if we do not address the underlying psychology.

    The motivation for starting this project originated with recognizing the need for translation of knowledge from neuroscience and psychology in the effort to untangle the dangerous situations we have created in of 21st century. Fundamentally, the issues revolve around ideological conflict. For the starving, we have the resources to solve that if we could only work reasonably together. On the surface, alleviating this seems impossibly complicated.  We have this idea that something about beliefs varying between cultures leads to different inherent biases in how individuals comprehend the world. We know meta-cognitive skills and other thinking tools are needed in order to be better understand how own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact their experience.

    No matter what we know, it will not help if we annot embrace, understand, and apply it. What is preventing individuals from recognizing their own biases and constructively working together with people from other groups? We have a wealth information on cognitive biases, but productive group interactions remains largely absent. That must be addressed in order to realize the benefits of more reasonable approaches to sociopolitical issues. It is not possible for a forcing of self-refeclections and discover to undertaken. You need to want it because you know that is the best thing for you, your family and friends, your grand children, and human civilation present and future. The very science of it it necessitates that it must be done voluntarily. That is where you come in. People must walk the path on their own and it is much easier when examples of people who did it successfully are around the. We need to think of long-term solutions because this cycle has always be in action. The stakes are just to high. The globe is interconnected and there billions more people that would suffer if we had collapse. An aspect involvement in what could happened is the Internets way of spreasding ideas to all parts, Then everyone can seem like an enemy. We are much more fragile than the impression get today. It would not take much of pressure tests to make the whole system go down. A poorly run, unreasonable government is weak. It is slower to respond and already has too many problems in order to deal with new ones like food or energy shortages. This not doom and gloom. It is only  statement of reality that governments not based in truth and reasonableness are not going to be able to protect the people when things go wrong. They always go wrong. When the world connected, the problem effects everyone. It is better to deal psychological discomforts than avoid those and deal physiological. That is a regression in evolution we don not want.

    Overcoming our predicament requires consideration of the individual’s needs and desires from an evolutionary psychology perspective. If an opposition group is perceived as a threat, no amount of logic or evidence will be effective at fostering the reconsideration of someone’s perspective if they do not already do it in their lives. Any attempt to stimulate cooperation between groups must account for desires of the individuals. When individuals are not in control of their subjective importance, they get power from taking down others beliefs in dense of their ow. A reasonable conversation cannot activate a threat response. Pointing a logical fallacies is treated like threat to livelihood. Truth and reason must embraced. If someone a whole in your logic. that's opportunity growth and betterment of your life. Not a threat. It is very much the exact opposite of what we need. Doing the opposite of what we need causes the opposite peace desire. Digging deeper into that and proposing potential solutions is the primary objective this website and project. A truth and reasonableness movement that aims helping young adults be kind, responsible adults that have no reason to fear because they now the truth is their ticket to a rewarding satisfying life. A mind which is guided by truth, reason, and love is fearless. If we all can work on creating that mindset, then we could live in world with nothing to fear.

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