The First Synchronicity

The first meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity that I both remember and seem related to what happened to the incredible events that happened recently was around nine years ago. I did not know what to make of it at the time, but it is something I could never forget. The synchronicity that was trying to clue me to some greater purpose that there is for my life. Or so it seems..

It took place during a period time in my life where my general passion for science was becoming a concentrated interest in understanding consciousness. At the core, this interests is related to trying to find the answer to everything. Ambitious, but I don’t control over it. It controls me. For some reason I cannot stop trying to learn that one thing that allow for everything to just make sense. Where it all fits together into one coherent picture. That would require explanation of the relationship between physical matter and consciousness. That is what I had been reading about nearly continuously in the lead up to that day. That is what has continued to work as a PhD student in Cognitive Neuroscience. I was very naive at the time, but it felt so amazingly “right” when reading about it then and it still does now. One of the few things about me that has stayed the same over the years. Actually, it is one of the few things that are the same in reference to just a few weeks ago before it all happened

On that day several years ago,  I was in the kitchen when I noticed an ant on the ground. Normally if you see an ant inside your house in a perfect position to step on, you would step on it. But that day I felt compelled lure the ant onto a piece of paper so that I could then pick the paper up and release it outside. After reading about possibility of consciousness being something that is One at its core, killing something did not feel right. It was just an ant with a much less evolved consciousness, but it still is still consciousness and that means we are part of the same at a deeper level. I wanted to respect this knowledge I had learned and also not let the ant draw in more ants that would get into our food. With that knowledge in mind, I felt as if saving the sparing the ant was like symbolic  gesture to higher-power on the chance it does exists. This has never happened before and hasn’t since, but saving that any seemed like it had to be done. It was like I needed to make whatever a “It” is aware that I am capable of acting in ways that are accordance with any Oneness/Love/God principles. If “It” is real, that I am capable of believing something so profound. I could not articulate those thoughts in the same way as now, but that is what I feeling at the time. I remember the feeling I had, what happened, and the what I had been doing before. This is all true. Like how what happened that one day when I drove three hours using intuition and dream (not a Google maps option)  to end up in place that made me believe I was in the presence of God was true. Like what it told me keeps turning out to become true.


After releasing the ant safely outside and walking inside the house, I hear an alarm going off. As I walk into the kitchen, I see that it is the oven. The clock on the oven is flashing 11:11. (As I typed the numbers 11 just now, an alarm goes off on my phone because of a notification scheduled for 11. The reminder was of the acronym HAIL. This stand for honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love (later become love with a capital “L”). It is an acronym that made so much sense with everything else I was doing, that I made message to validate a future occurences. At least, that’s what makes sense once you hear the whole story. I thought giving myself “nudges” in the form of phone vibrations would help me emulate it better.  It was not until later when I learned about synchronicity. I got the nudges idea from reading the study protocol for an upcoming study. After see it there and what happened, it seems they are like “nudges” that try to help you do the right thing by pushing you in the right direction. The study, written many months before, ended up describing what I was going on in the present. The title of actual study is ENDS, or electronic nicotine, dispensary systems. This matters. More on it later if you’re interested.)  


There is no way to explain what happened with the clock. That oven clock always worked fine. A completely normal clock on an oven that was not old and never had one other instance of doing such a thing. It happens at this specific time when my actions were meant to be communicating an understanding to the Universe. I didn’t if that was possible, but I did it.  Before I went outside, I am certain it was not flashing 11. The alarm was not going off. The time on the clock was not 11:11. You could perhaps say it was a power outage, except no power outage happened. Maybe the electrical current to the oven got temporarily interrupted. That is plausible. But then why was the only time an imperceptible power outage specifically to the oven cause such an effect happened at this point in my life? Why was the  time 11:11?  Why did it happen with trying to symbolically communicate to Universe of my compassion. Why did that moment help me make sense of the synchronistic signs that occured in the future? Why do they keep allowing for accurate insights and predictions? What does that mean about what they are telling me about the future now?

Recently, I had inexplicable series of synchronicities that lasted days and gave meaningful insights about the current state of society and what may happen. I have proof for the whole thing. It was a miracle. For that, I need help. What happened implicates something supernatural. That might be exactly what the world needs I do not know what that is, but it seems to be God and/or Love. If you actually believe in any of this, this might be the time to take action. That’s what it seems. Maybe not how you expected, but we wouldn’t know what to expect anyways. Things much more amazing than the alarm and ant story happened.  It is all real and there is proof. There are synchronicities that could be projected out to make future predictions. I’m not if that’s they are to be interpreted, they predicted what would happened with the events that did occur. So there’s a track record. The mostly written story is 40 pages single spaced. Synchronicity after synchronicity. That was the first page of the story. And it all happened spontaneously. Except on reflection, I can guess why. If you don’t believe this story, you are not ready for the whole one. I’ll share the whole story about this two week period that changed my life forever around New Years when I’m done writing it. If you want to definitively believe in something more...this is your chance.

There is WAY more to this story. Hundreds of pages more about what happened and what led into it.


Ben Sheler