Commitment Video

This video was made on November 1, 2017.  The previous idea I had gotten the idea to really go all in on making ambitions to create mentoring content and network become what I do for the rest of life. The video was to help to shut the door behind and force me to do this because I knew deep down that this was what would bring the most benefit to society and be the best for my own well-being. It was commitment that I would keep working on it until it became a viable business from which I support myself. One of the ideas I push is to be honest, be authentic, have integrity, and Love. Which conveniently forms the acronym HAIL. Once I made this video, not following through would through my whole psyche into chaos. That is not a good thing. Thus, making this video was like stepping through a door into a new world and filling the frame of the door with cement. This exemplifies the power of holding yourself to a standard. Having a personal moral code allows you to do things like make a simple video commitment in order to ensure you give following you dreams a fighting chance. 

Another person this idea came from in part is Gary Vaynerchuk. I would describe Gary as most honest and loving person I have heard. You might not get that impression from hearing him speak for one or two podcast episodes, but as you listen more, you see that his actions map onto a person that spreads love in a very powerful way. People often associate love was the half that is all praises and compliments. That is an aspect, but true love challenges and criticizes. Love helps you become resilient individual who does not rely on any person for their well-being except themselves. It is easy to confuse telling the truth with unkind behavior. However, you cannot truly reach goals and live with content while shying from truth. That is what Gary pushes for and he helps a lot of people. But...that is why I listen to him and from that I hear him talk about how he documents his entire day with video and audio. Unfortunately for everyone else, I can't yet afford to hire someone to following me around and record everything like him. I was able to be reminded of the idea and document the first day of taking my commitment to next level and really going "All In." 

Ben Sheler