The abstract nature of the One mind of God

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In understanding the nature of the One mind, it is necessary to grasp that it is much more abstract that what we experience in day to day life. Western civilization has been developed on the back perspective that extracts out the increasingly finer details of phenomena. While a valid form of knowledge, it is not possible to understanding the totality of the universe and the connections between people in such a way. The mind of God sees unity through a view that extracts the essence of all that is. This is abstract thought. As a society, we forget to recognize the fact that details and facts elucidated by science represents a low level of analysis that separates and this is not the place to look when trying to create harmonious unity. It is through a higher abstract level of analysis that we must look towards to create unity. 

The abstract One mind sees the essence that links everything together and that is what we conceptualize as love. At the higher level of unity consciousness that we are moving towards, it will be necessary to know when to apply a higher level of analysis to socioculture issues that are more abstract. One that sees how love unites us all and looks at the similarities at a more abstract level instead of highlighting the differences.

Here is a story that is a link to an autobiographical account of what happened and the mindset that lead to it. It brings clarity. It supports seeing the reality of the current situation. It was literally approved by God Himself with a supernatural experience :). Clear your head of the junk and open it up to your Divine Self.

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