Metaphysics of Transcending Ego in 21st Century

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Doozy of a title isn't it? Anyone who desires to make changes in their life will unfailingly run into conflicts generated by the ego. Even if you don't want to go through life changes, your true Self will help guide you through them behind your back and you will face resistance that way. The resistance comes up the form work, friends, family, concerns of money, relationships, and whatever else makes up the world your are trying to change. Because your ego only tries maintain things as they are, any all threats to that way of life are resisted. But you don't that old way anymore! By looking at the metaphysics of what is going on in the 21st century through the lens of history and psychology, you are better able to know what is going on and complete the cycles of death and rebirth in your own life.


Here is a story that is a link to an autobiographical account of what happened and the mindset that lead to it. It brings clarity. It supports seeing the reality of the current situation. It was literally approved by God Himself with a supernatural experience :). Clear your head of the junk and open it up to your Divine Self.

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