Perpetual strife archetype and parapsychology

Out-group versus in-group strife is fundamental to human history. It is the plague that has never been cured. Despite advances in science, it has not provided any practical help to polarization and tension between ideological groups. The problem can bring such a sense of dispair and hopelessness that only reasonable way to deal with it while maintaining sanity often seems to ignore it altogether. Is that the case? Is there nothing that we can do to release people from the ideological possession that leads to the perpetual strife and mass suffering?
Psychoanalysis provides insight on this issue. As originally described by Jung (see previous archetype episode), archetypes are instincts that can effectively possess and make regular people become psychopathic murderers as in the Holocaust. In this episode, I talk of what will be called the perpetual strife archetype. This archetype describes the tendency for reason and truth to be neglected due to social pressures. In the effort to improve the world in non- superficial ways (ie numbing with medications and Netflix), we gain insight be understanding why the great body of evidence from parapsychology and spiritual experiences, both personal and historical, can be neglected by science despite being obvious relevance to understanding the mind. While mental health deteriorates, with anxiety, severe depression, and youth suicide at all time eyes, we are neglecting  very real evidence that provides a path towards world peace. Just imagine the impact of mainstream science accepting our divine spiritual nature and acknowledging that are issues are but a matter of projecting our own. The mental blocks facing humanity are discussed in this episode. 

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