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AlignU Podcast

The AlignU Podcast involves interviews and discussions with individuals who have already began down the path of a purposeful life while integrating their personal interests into careers. It is aimed at furthering knowledge base of how to go about becoming your self-actualized future self. It the goal of developing a well rounded life guide that addresses practical concerns and provides useful information in a scientifically accurate manner. Anyone participating in this podcast is contributing to the betterment society


International Conference on Thinking 2018 & Presentation. May 16 - May 20

ICOT is interdisciplinary conference that gathers researchers and practitioners from around the world. It fosters the development around the topic of thinking and its application to solving global problems and creating a better world. This will provide an opportunity to present the AlignU philosophy, research, goals, expand reach and further develop the material scientifically valid manner. 


Beta Version

The concepts being discussed are complex. The initial drafts that are on the site are not as clear as they will be in the future. I will continue to rework, refine, and clarify the main points over time.