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Love doesn't know how to give up.

This project started as AlignU and the turned to AwakeningU after a supernatural spiritual experience showed me that I was actually channeling God and aligning with His will my whole life. Being neuroscientist and humble messenger of God, my role is to facilitate the creation of a new paradigm through working on creating a bridge between spirituality and science. Society is coming full circle back and science is a tool to create a new level of unity consciousness. The ideas presented here on beliefs and nature of thoughts help break down the illusion of ego with science. For more information on both, click the about sections to the right. Please follow on socials! Links to social accounts and my email are above. You can find that more background information in the button "HERE FOR ABOUT AWAKENING U" to the right. For the podcast and latest, see the Awakening U podcast in the navigation.  Also, the site is under construction and the articles are being edited. Please forgive grammatical errors for the time being :)





AwakeningU - Course Materials

Motivation, Practical steps to get started, and essential background information

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Sacraficing Ego

No one said intentionally destroying your ego so that a more expansive consciousness can take its place would be easy! They said it would be meaningful, rewarding, and allow you to experience love at whole new level.

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Interested in AlignU? 

Check out the long term vision and upcoming projects

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Practical Steps

Technology in the Aquarius Age is synchronized manifestations meant to support you in your efforts to discover and express your inner true Self.  Here some ways to get started! 

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Validated outside resources


There is tons of information on the internet about to become successful and happier. Here you will find advice consistent with the Age of Aquarius.